A request for views, subscribers, likes, or comments - started in the Campaigns section.

Campaign Slots

Dictates the number of Campaigns you can have running at the same time.

Client Sessions

Number of Clients you can have open exchanging views at the same time.

Completion Times

Average number of views, subscribers, likes, and comments you can receive per day based on latest system statistics.


Our virtual currency that can be earned by exchanging, or bought from our Store. Credits are used to start Campaigns for other users to view, subscribe to, like, or comment on your content.

Daily Bonus

Extra Credits added to your account upon completion of a set number of daily exchanges. The number of Credits available is determined by your membership. Daily Bonus is available for each of the four types of exchanges (views, subscribers, likes, comments).


Performing a view, subscription, like, or comment in return for Credits. Can be done in the Earn Credits section.

Express Campaigns

Minimum settings and fast delivery Campaigns. Can be bought without being logged in and exchanging.


If you are a Premium or Pro member, you're graded based on your number of consecutive months of paid membership. The higher your Grade, the more monthly Credits are included in your membership.

You start as a Grade 0 member, increase by one every month, and end up as a Grade 5 member, after 5 months of consecutive membership.


YTMonster® offers three types of (paid) memberships. Lite, Premium, and Pro. You can get the full overview of features, and compare the plans here.

Priority Slots

Dictates the number of Campaigns you can have prioritized at the same time. Prioritized Campaigns will give you faster delivery speeds.


Users signed up under your unique referral link. You receive a ton of benefits from this. You can learn more here.

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