Term Description
Affiliate User referred by you through your unique sign up link. You earn a percentage of the user's credit earnings.
Campaign Request for views, subscribers, likes, or comments - made in the "Campaigns" section while being logged in.
Client Open browser window used for exchanging views.
Exchange Completing views, subscriptions, likes, or comments in return for credits.
Membership YTMonster® offers two types of (paid) memberships, of which the basic type is Premium, and the more advanced type is Pro. Details of each are available on our Pricing page.
Grade If you are either a Premium or a Pro member, you're graded based on your number of consecutive months of membership. The higher your grade, the more monthly Credits are included in your membership. You start as a grade 0 member, increase by one every month, and end as a grade 5 member, after 5 months of consecutive membership.
Level Dependent on completion of specific requirements, a user’s individual level is determined. The level is one of two parameters determining the no of Credits available through Daily Bonus.
Daily Bonus Daily Bonus are extra Credits added to the users’ accounts upon their completion of daily exchanges. The no. of Credits available is determined by the combination of level and membership. Daily Bonus is available for each of the four types of exchanges (views, likes, subscribers, comments).
Credits Virtual 'currency' that can be earned by exchanging, or bought in our store. Afterwards they can be spent on having other users view, subscribe, like, or comment your content.
Tokens Credits earned or bought before launch of our new site (October 16, 2018) are also referred to as "Tokens". Tokens are typically subject to higher price surges, only exist for a limited number of users, and are gradually phased out as part of eliminating price surges.
Exchange Rate Rate earned/rate paid. For example, an exchange rate 50% means you're earning 50% of what you're paying for the campaigns.
Earning Accelerators Variable used to boost supply by increasing Credit earnings for likes, subscribers, or comments. Earning accelerators are set individually for the different exchange jobs, and are typically less than or equal to the price surge value for the same specific service.
Earn Effect Earn effect your exchange jobs have. For views, the earn effect is a function of the number of client sessions you run, and your membership. For likes, subscribers, and comments, the earn effect is a function of the earning accelerator, and your membership.
Paid Services Services e.g. views, likes, dislikes, that requires cash payments. These can be bought without being logged in and exchanging.
Completion Times Average time per view, subscription, like, and comment based on the current system statistics. These can be found in the "Community" section.
Temporary Price Surge Temporary increase of campaign prices used to control demand, typically used if Completion Times are high due to a backlog.
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