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YTMonster can help you to greatly increase your presence on YouTube. Through our exchange platform you can connect with thousands of YouTube users like you, and exchange views, likes, comments, and subscriptions with them in return for credits. Start campaigns using credits to increase your views, likes, comments and subscriptions on your own YouTube content. This will help you to strenghten your YouTube presence, and as an added benefit increase your organic reach on YouTube.

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Through our two excellent features rank tracking and video optimization, widening your organic reach has never been easier. Our video optimization feature can help you to increase your search result position on YouTube like never before. Our rank tracking feature helps you to keep track of your contents rankings on your specified keywords.

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Core Features

Features that will help you strenghten your YouTube presence

Exchange Platform

Interact with other users through our leading exchange platform and get rewarded with credits


Start campaigns requesting views, likes, comments or subscribers for your YouTube content using credits

Level System

Level up by interacting with other users actively, and gain advantages for your YTMonster account

Affiliate System

Earn a portion of the credits your affiliates make from interacting, just by them being signed up on your link

Rank Tracker (beta)

Track the search result position of your YouTube videos and the keywords associated with them

Video Optimizer (beta)

Optimize your YouTube videos and make them rank higher in the search results on YouTube


Increasing your YouTube fanbase has never been easier

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Spend the credits earned from exchanging on starting campaigns to grow your YouTube channel.
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