Milestones, New Features and Outages
February 21, 2015


A lot of things has happened in the past few weeks. One of the things is the milestone of ours, to reach 10.000 members on YTMonster, which we've successfully reached. The user nium4ever was the lucky one to become the 10.000th member and run off with a reward given to him by our team. The next milestone? We're reaching for an userbase of 100.000 members, and we're certain that we will reach it sooner or later.

New Features

As for new features, the ticket support system has been released which allows us to give the users of our site a much better support experience, seeing as we're now able to lookup all information directly instead of having to ask for the username of your account and other such information.

Promotions system was also released quite some time ago. It allows you as an user to complete different tasks in order to earn credits in a different way other than running the client. So far 1,000 promotions have been completed since we rolled out the system.

Changing of your password is also now available due to high demand from users who reset their password and now were stuck with a randomly generated password. You're now able to choose your own password once again after a password reset.

A lot of more features are being rolled out live on the website quite soon, both planned and suggested ones. So keep an eye out for that.


And now onto outages. For the past few days there have been some small maintenances due to the recent outages that have caused the site to become overloaded or even completely unaccessible. We're extremely sorry for these inconveniences and we're already looking into optimizing some of our scripts as well as expanding our network with another dedicated server.

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