How To Increase Your YouTube Views In 2021


One of the most commonly asked questions today by YouTube creators is "how to get more YouTube views in 2021". Whether you are creating content as a side-hustle or it's your full-time job, increasing your views is critical if you are looking to monetize your content and continue growing your channel this year. Here at YTMonster, we understand how challenging it can be to increase your YouTube views, so today, we will share some of our top tips to help you grow your channel this year.

1. Increase Channel Engagement

While your YouTube view count is certainly important for your success on the platform, you'll find that the YouTube algorithm also wants people to engage with your videos. This can be through comments, subscribers, and likes, and increasing these will help to boost the popularity of your channel. The relationship between user engagement and your YouTube ranking is quite significant, particularly regarding the number of comments on your videos. To increase your comments, subscribers, and likes, encourage this in each of your videos. During each video, ask your viewers to hit the like button or answer a question down below in the comments. This will increase engagement on your video and improve your chances of being found by new viewers on the site.

2. Create Exciting and Innovative Content

While this may seem like an obvious suggestion, you'll be surprised how many YouTube channels don't focus on the content they are creating enough. If you are looking to increase YouTube views for money, you'll want to focus on creating content your audience wants to see. While it can be fun to make videos simply for your personal enjoyment, if they aren't attracting many views, clearly they don't appeal to a wider audience. Take the time to research and watch other channels within your niche and see which videos are racking up thousands or millions of views. You'll soon notice trends between channels, and you'll be able to tap into these popular topics to increase your views. Of course, only create videos on topics you are knowledgeable and passionate about, or the quality of your videos will suffer.

3. Optimization for Search Results

Unless potential viewers can find your videos, you'll never be able to increase your YouTube views in 2021. YouTube works similarly to Google and should be treated in the same way as you would when creating SEO content for your website. When filming a new video, take time to research and optimize your title to increase your YouTube view count. Instead of just adding a random title, start by searching for keywords related to your niche in YouTube's suggested searches. This will give you an idea of what individuals are searching for on the platform and help you to tailor your video title to the most popular search terms.

After choosing the perfect title, you then want to look at the thumbnail. If you have a boring thumbnail, people are far more likely to skip over your video even if it ranks highly in YouTube's search results. Another area that content creators often skip over is the description, which should include your keyword within the first 25 words and repeat your keyword a few times. The optimum length for a description is about 250 words, which will allow you to include your keyword naturally. Finally, add tags to your video which are relevant to your target keyword for additional help in this area.

4. Promote Your YouTube Video on Other Platforms

Cross-platform promotion is something that YouTube creators neglect to do, which is one of the top reasons they aren't experiencing an increase in their YouTube views. Just because YouTube is your channel's primary platform, it doesn't mean you can't also create a Facebook or Instagram account to engage with your viewers. On top of that, you could also offer an email newsletter, which will alert your viewers each time new videos are uploaded. Don't be shy about sharing your content online, as it's a great way to welcome new viewers to your channel. If you have colleagues or friends within the industry, you could also work to share each other's videos and receive new viewers from their fans.

5. Create Playlists for Your Channel

When you head to YouTube to watch your favorite videos, it's so easy to get sucked into watching hours of content. For that reason, we recommend creating playlists, which work with YouTube's Autoplay function. Playlists help to direct viewers towards other videos you've made that they may enjoy, which can add thousands of views to your channel each month. Try to create Playlists with a uniting theme so that viewers can easily transition from one video to the next. All of your videos on your channel can be linked in Playlists, offering a way to add extra views to even your oldest videos.

6. Use YTMonster

Here at YTMonster, we are dedicated to helping brands and content creators grow their view count on YouTube. We understand the challenges creators are facing on the platform and offer various solutions that can be used either alone or in conjunction with the other tips on our list of ways to increase your YouTube views in 2021. Using YTMonster, you can easily increase your number of views, likes, comments, and subscribers. You'll find it's quick and easy to sign up to the site, and within just a few minutes, you'll be ready to start your journey to increasing your view count on YouTube. Thanks to our research and hard work, we've created a community of like-minded users who know the best ways to grow your YouTube audience quickly. Our experienced support team is here to help you at any time, and we guarantee that we'll deliver what we promise, or you'll receive full compensation.

7. Use End Screens or Cards to Promote Videos

During each video, you can use end screens and cards to promote other related videos. Before you can use this feature, you will need to verify your account, and from there, you can seamlessly direct viewers from one video to the next. Cards pop up at any time during your video, which can direct a viewer to something you are discussing in your current video. The end screen offers you a frame to place another relevant video, which you can mention as you are wrapping up your video. These are both great tools to offer your viewers more information and advice while also increasing your YouTube view count.

8. Channel Optimization

While we've discussed optimizing videos and titles already, your channel can also be optimized to boost views. Create a consistent image throughout your channel, and ensure it matches your social media accounts. On top of that, optimize your channel description and use keywords to target your audience. Channel keywords can be added under the advanced channel settings, which will help you to rank higher in search results. Finally, enable related channels, which will allow you to show up in YouTube's recommendations and attract new viewers.

By using a combination of these tips and enlisting the help of YTMonster, you'll find you can quickly increase your YouTube views in 2021. While it often takes some time and patience to create a dedicated community for your channel, by offering high-quality and consistent content, you'll find your viewers return each time you post a new video this year.



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