How to Grow and Keep Your YouTube Audience


One of the biggest challenges for content creators today is trying to grow their YouTube audience. If you are wondering how to gain free YouTube subscribers this year, you're in luck, as today we're going to take you through the top ways to grow and then retain your YouTube audience. By following these top tips listed below, you'll be on your way to creating a successful YouTube venture and growing an engaged community for your channel.

Promote Your Channel On Social Media

If you aren't already promoting your YouTube channel on other social medial platforms, you are missing out on one of the easiest ways to increase your following. Depending on the type of content you are posting, you can head to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Pinterest to share your content and grow your audience. On Facebook, you can even post your full-length videos directly, or you could just post a short teaser clip to pull your viewers over to your YouTube channel. On top of that, you can also write blog posts for your website, which you can integrate the video into. By using SEO in your blog posts, you'll be getting free YouTube views when your blog post ranks highly on Google.

Ask People to Subscribe

While it may seem like the most basic trick on the list, asking for subscribers is the easiest way to build an audience. So many content creators forget to ask viewers to subscribe during each video, and that's the quickest way to create an audience that returns over and again. Put both a visual and an audio cue into each video to ask your audience to subscribe to your channel. You will be surprised how many regular viewers might not be subscribed, and this is the easiest way to gain free YouTube subscribers. By using this tool, it will ensure you gain authentic and engaged viewers who will be excited to watch what you have to offer each time you upload.

An Attention-Grabbing Thumbnail

To enjoy organic traffic on YouTube, you'll want to focus on being picked up within the suggested videos tab. When your video appears in that area, you'll need an exciting thumbnail that will grab a new viewer's attention and bring them over to your channel. If you are lucky enough to be showing up in this section, it's basically like you are being offered the chance to get free YouTube views. So don't blow your chances by ignoring your thumbnail when you are in a rush to upload a video. Use an image that's relevant to the content, and ensure the thumbnail matches your video title. You don't want to trick your audience into watching your video, as they won't stay for the full length of your work. This can cause further issues in the long run, as the YouTube algorithm doesn't value low watch times.

Engaging With Your Audience

YouTube is very similar to other social media platforms, but for some reason, many content creators overlook this and neglect their audience. Once you have started to grow your channel, you then need to nurture your audience, so they stay with you for many years to come. Viewers today crave social interaction, and so if you are just posting a video and leaving it, you are missing out on one of the easiest ways to retain your audience. Set aside some time after each video release to respond to comments and engage in friendly discussion with your audience. YouTube notices channels with good engagement, which will also help you to receive more views in the future if your channel is promoted. In each video, ask viewers to hit the like button and leave a comment below on a topic that's been discussed in the video.

Create a Consistent Upload Schedule

For anyone looking to grow and then keep a following, you need to offer them consistent and frequent uploads. If you are only uploading to YouTube once a week at the moment, you'll want to try and increase this to two or three times a week. This will naturally increase your YouTube views and give you a higher chance of being noticed by new viewers. Try to post at the same time each week or day, so viewers know when they can expect to see a new video from your channel. A sporadic upload schedule is likely to lead to random YouTube viewing figures, which is something you want to avoid if you are looking to gain YouTube subscribers. Of course, don't neglect the quality of your videos in order to upload more regularly and ensure your content is always in line with your brand.

Live Streaming

Another great tool for retaining your YouTube audience is to use the site's live streaming feature. This is a great tool for adding more content to your channel without spending hours editing the video. YouTube Live offers you the chance to talk directly to your audience while taking their questions and interacting with them. You don't need any fancy equipment to get started, and you can just use your smartphone or webcam. Engaged audiences love tuning in for long live streaming sessions, and it will work to nurture your YouTube community this year.

Upload a YouTube Series

Viewers love spending their free time binge-watching a series, just as you would on Netflix. If you've found that one topic you discussed on your channel received a great response from viewers, consider making a whole series of videos about it. You can then use the playlist tool to create an extended viewing experience for viewers. If you release one video a week in this series, you'll also encourage viewers to come back over and again to see the next installment. Always end each video with a cliff-hanger, which will make them wonder what will happen in the next episode.

Use YTMonster

YTMonster offers content creators the chance to increase their view count and subscribers on YouTube. Furthermore, we can work with you to raise the number of likes and comments you receive on each video, which will help to engage your existing audience further. Our site is super easy to get started with, and in just a few minutes, you'll be on your way to growing your audience. Our team specializes solely in YouTube, so we understand exactly what's required to build a loyal YouTube following.

When you use all or a few of these top tips for getting free YouTube subscribers, you'll find that you can grow and then retain your YouTube audience. You'll enjoy the many benefits that come about from having a larger audience, who will return over and again to enjoy your videos. By focusing on creating high-quality content, you'll ensure your audience watches each and every video you upload on your channel this year.