2 Factor Authentication now available


Due to recent attempts of account stealing happening, where especially leaderboard users were targeted, we are happy to present you with a new feature; 2-factor authentication. We expect this feature to help out with this problem, as well as increasing account security for the general user overall.

If you do not know what it is, in short; 2-factor authentication, or 2FA, is an extra layer of security for your account. Upon signing into YTMonster from a new location, you will have to input a verification code that you receive on your mobile phone. This will make it much harder for your account to be broken into.

How do I enable 2FA?

You can enable this new feature by clicking "Settings" on the sidebar panel when logged in. On the Settings page, there will be a section titled "2FA".

Simply select your phone country code in the section on the left, and then input your mobile phone number on the right and click "Enable".

Is 2-factor authentication required?

The 2FA feature is not required. You can disable it at any time under the 2FA settings section. Should you ever change your mobile phone number, you may also change the phone number associated with your YTMonster 2FA under the 2FA settings section at any time.

We hope you enjoy the additional security that 2-factor authentication provides you, and that you continue to enjoy our service as we work to make it better.