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4.3 / 5 on average
amazing staff
amazing staff! fast help tpp!
Micha Klijn
Member since Nov 4, 2019
This is the best and most reliable…
This is the best and most reliable service ever. Very Professional, accurate and generous service there is for Youtubers. I'm very pleased and strongly recommend it!!
Rami Hussein
Member since Jan 21, 2021
it is amazing they give you subscribers views likes and comments for free all you have to do is sub like view or comment to other channels and you get credits for that witch go towards getting your own subscriber likes views or comments and there are even some ways to boost your credits you can buy some get memberships or just subscribe to lots of channels and do the promotions there are even referrals witch give you 2000 credits yt monster is the best go and check it out
Member since May 11, 2020
thanks for best services
thanks for best services i like it,
StriX- ستريكس
Member since Apr 6, 2020
I love this so much
I love this so much
Joseph Malangone
Member since Jan 7, 2020
100% Trusted Site
100% Trusted Site ! I Gained a Lot Views Likes & Comments for my YouTube channel. I definitely recommend every1 to use this site. to be frank this is the only genuine active site where you get exact views for your videos in this whole internet
Imagine Films Ltd
Member since Sep 21, 2019
Wonderful Customer Service!
The Monster team is highly professional and friendly. The website and service itself is neatly designed, and the service they offer is quite unique. What they offer might seem too good to be true but it really works if you check it out. What was most surprising to me however, was how they handle issues. Like most other websites/companies, there are sometimes issues, albeit very rare. When this happens the team keeps you informed with detailed and timely information, and they never ignore you! They're also extremely friendly and easy to speak with. I do wish the Monster team all thw best, and I would reccomend their services to eveyone that needs it :) 5 Stars
Jun Breuwn
Member since Oct 26, 2019
Best service out there
Best service by far for anything youtube related. Also customer service is always there to help when needed
Matt Munro
Member since Oct 2, 2020
geniune views and good site to earn…
geniune views and good site to earn youtube views
Homestyle Cooking
Member since Jan 19, 2020